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Antique Oval Kple Kple Mask - Baule From Ivory Coast 18x13 in

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This mask was created by the Baule people of Cote d'Ivoire. It is a very minimalistic mask carved from wood. There are two small triangular holes cut which enable the wearer to see. The rectangular mouth is very common among this style of mask. The predominantly red and white coloring emphasizes the few details. The circular face represents the life-giving force of the sun, while the horns symbolize the great power of the buffalo. In the rich beliefs of the Baule, the buffalo mask symbolizes a divinity in which women are not allowed to see. This particular mask can be seen danced during harvest festivals as well as Goli, a day-long spectacle that normally involves the whole village and includes the appearance of four pairs of masks, music played on special instruments, and, ideally, the joyous consumption of a great deal of palm wine